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The stores of Thailand

IntroductionBangkok, investment capital of Thailand, Is one of the foremost tourist destinations in the world. to be sure, It may surprise to learn that Bangkok is currently second only to London with regards to the total number of international visitors who arrive in the city each day. Of course in the case of Bangkok, The majority will ultimately move on elsewhere, To the Thai destinations, about the highlands of the northwest, Or even by linking flights to other Asian nations.

But most who get to Bangkok as tourists will at least spend 2 or 3 days here, Taking in the sights as well as the sounds and smells and tastes for which this bustling city has become justly renouned. and they'll also do some shopping. The Thai capital is known for its shopping, And the big malls of the city must surely rank among the most attractive in the world for the merchandise they stock, And the ambience of the setting in which the retailers ply their trade. And also for main added attractions which Thai malls and shopping plazas have to offer. Some of these extra attractions are the main feature of this article, And they will really surprise those who think that going to a retail center is just about well shopping. And we also view of one complex in another Thai city, Udon Thani, To illustrate that multi faceted shopping experiences in this country are not the sole preserve of the funding. Perhaps it's because Thailand, versus nations like the USA and the UK, Is an emergent person society. The very first places were only built in the 1970s and most have been designed or at least renovated in the 21st century. because of this, The designers have clearly learned from the Western get, Adopted the best features of Western consumerism and added their own distinctly Asian touch. Pretty much anything can be acquired in the best of these malls, And pretty much any of the world's cuisines are located in their restaurants and food halls. Shopping is easy and cozy in an air conditioned atmosphere and with spacious, Wide aisles and uncluttered displays. Floors tend to be themed for example with high fashion organisations clustered together, and likewise, furniture, Gifts and local Thai materials, And the very latest in hi tech electronics captive market. But there are various more things to do in these malls besides shopping. Not just multiplex cinema screens which many centres now take over, But also childrens' areas, Cultural happenings, events arcades, Ice rinks and _a href= dating_/a_ bowling alleys and some even more special entertainments.

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The 'departure' truck for sale sign for Istanbul, Though these shoppers have just arrived down from the Turkish souk to shop working in london!

A lighthouse rises in the 'Carribean Beach Town'. a huge anchor lies nearby. This zone also features a large food market

The famous red telephone box leaves one in no doubt until this is Old London Town. Many other London icons are available here

One wouldn't be prepared to see the Golden Gate Bridge, including model cars, In the Thai primary, But here you go in Terminal 21

A giant golden Oscar statue stands over the escalator to the Hollywood Floor where the 8 screen SF Cinema City is available

Terminal 21General Impression and location

airport terminal 21 is a nine storey shopping complex in the Watthana district of Bangkok, On the Sukhumvit Road concerning Soi 19 and 21. In adition to road and jogging access, The mall is also linked by skywalks to both the Sukhumvit metro stop (MRT) And the Asok Skytrain rail station (BTS). The mall isn't the most significant in Bangkok, But it's one of the most recent (popped in 2011), One of the extremely distinctive, And some of the most fun, With a virtually Disneyesque theme to the mall layout, purported below.

The key distinguishing feature of the shopping centre is without question the layout of the mall, And the clue to this influences name. Terminal 21 is styled as an airport starting lounge, And each floor of this remarkable complex is themed to represent a world city fascination. rather than '1st floor', '2nd floor' additionally '3rd floor', you'll find that 'Rome', 'Paris' and in addition 'Tokyo'. Then as we go the actual escalators (one of which at 36m is the longest in Thailand), We find inside us 'London', 'Istanbul', 'San Francisco' and so 'Hollywood'. income the 'Caribbean Floor', Below walk out. And the 'terminal' theme is taken care of beyond the floor names. The electronic shop displays resemble airport flight documents boards, And the support services staff are dressed in flight attendant style uniforms.

The structural decor and some of the shops reflect the clichd style of the city harbors. Thus on the Rome Floor there are pursuits of Roman marble statues and paintings, while Parisian Champs lyses features mock ups of the Eiffel Tower and Arc de Triomphe. On the London Floor you possibly can find among other sights, A red cellphone box and a red post box. Istanbul is exclusive on a street market or souk, And san francisco bay area is themed on the Fisherman's Wharf district of that city. A bit gimmicky perhaps but it makes Terminal 21 really distinctive and wonderful, And of course the gimmick doesn't detract from the product or service. obviously, much more each floor of the mall unique, And thus easier for the customers to find his way around. as well as the decor, The store locations will probably be themed too, With fashion on reduced Roman and Parisian floors, and more than 100 clothing and cosmetic themed shops on the Tokyo level. Gift and souvenir shops are common in Istanbul whilst San Fransisco has among the best food courts in Bangkok. Smaller food stalls are also to be found in the lower Caribbean zone. 8 cinema privacy screens, in particular a couple of 3D screens, Provide most of the film on naturally enough the Hollywood Floor, But that is not the only recreation here. there's also a Fitness First Health Club and spa.

A wall decoration on the sf Floor. Not sure what this says about bay area but it's just one of the quirky adornments in Terminal 21 Source

Siam ParagonGeneral Impression and location

Siam Paragon is the largest of three impressive stores close to the Siam Skytrain Station in Pathum Wan district, Bangkok. it is indeed, One of the most shopping centres in Asia, Covering 10 floors and most 400,000 m2 of full price space. Since opening in 2005 this mall has become renouned as the place to go for luxury goods and a mecca for the affluent and for tourists, Whilst also stocking more typical fayre for ordinary Thais. Shops here bring in upmarket brands like Rolex, Prada, Cartier, Armani, Gucci, Versace, Jimmy Choo, And many many more. Any glitzy name imaginable, as well as be here. as well as perhaps most impressive of all there are the super car showrooms, Where top of the range Lamborghinis, Aston Martins, Maseratis and Jaguars is visible. right at that moment of my visit, high priced of all was a Rolls Royce Phantom (If you're merely a dollar millionaire you do not want it).

But if Siam Paragon is where to visit for some of the world's finest goods, Then it's also top-of-the-line entertainment complexes in town, With limbs of Fitness First, A 30 lane bowling street, And a karaoke middle. might 14 screen multiplex cinema, as well as the 'Nokia VIP Ultrascreen', Where you can view movies from the comfort of leather sofas equipped with motorised footrests and a blanket to snuggle up with! definitely, There's the actual only real 3D IMAX theatre in Thailand, Which also has the main screen in Thailand. in addition there are Royal Paragon Hall, An events arena for promotions, shows and music concerts, With an audience capacity of 5,000. And your internet 4th floor, There is an education zone for children which gives lessons in such thinggs as languages, music, form of art, belly dance, and then taekwondo.

however, for me, also,is not an incredible as to the premier attraction at Siam Paragon. What would you least expect to see on one of many floors of a modern shopping centre? the nine foot shanotherrk? to life? That's exactly what show up in the basement of Siam Paragon where a branch of Ocean World has its home. takes into account the largest aquarium in South east Asia, And additionally to sharks and a myriad of other fishes, you will penguins, warm frogs, Giant spider crabs in addition to. One can even book to do a scuba dive however aquarium!

All can make Siam Paragon not just a shopping centre, But virtually a holiday resort in its own right. you will discover a hotel adjacent to the mall.

The Siam Paragon mall the ultimate shopping example of Bangkok

Spacious aisles and well presented stands are aspect of Siam Paragon

Down in the basement below the luxurious shops and showrooms, Lurk the denizens from deep in Ocean World

The remarkable pearly nautilus a 'living fossil' is visible at Ocean World Source

A shoots Royce Phantom. It is much rather pricey to buy imported cars such as this here than in the UK or America, the high cost said 48,000,000 baht just about or $1,400,000 aid

Siam Center / Siam DiscoveryGeneral Impression and location

Very close to Siam Paragon are two more great shopping malls Siam Center and Siam Discovery which are generally considered jointly as they are under the same ownership, And wired by a sky bridge on the 4th floor. And both of these two malls are also connected by sky walkways to the nearby BTS Siam and National Stadium train stations whilst in try to traverse the busy main road here!

Siam hospital, Which first opened in the mid 1970s, is among oldest of all Bangkok's shopping plazas. Despite wear and tear, It is said to appeal significantly to the young generation of Thais, And fashion shops seem to dominate here. Prices may be partially lower, And the mall is normally busier than either of its near neighbours, peculiarly at the weekends when teenagers throng the lower floors and the food halls.

Siam development was opened in 1997, And attracts a rather older (yet still young) potential customers. this key fact mall has some resemblence to Siam Paragon, But the emphasis here is considered to be less on luxury, More on intricacy.
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