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Death behind bars for MP mindblowing

The neo Nazi murderer of Jo Cox will die behind bars after he was presented with a full life sentence for shooting and stabbing the MP a week before the EU referendum.

Loner thomas Mair, 53, Screamed First as he shot mom of two in the head before repeatedly stabbing her with a commando dagger.

The white supremacist shot her once in the head and once in the chest area with the sawn off.22 hunting rifle loaded with expanding dum dum bullets designed to cause maximum damage.

He stabbed her again with the WWII style combat dagger as she lay bleeding on a road trip.

Kilmarnock born Mair also plunged the knife almost to the hilt included with the stomach of hero pensioner Bernard Kenny, 78, As he tried to save the Labour MP for Batley and Spen.

Paramedics arrived within a few minutes and battled to save Mrs Cox, But she was distinct dead at 1.38pm, forgetting her husband, Brendan, And two young ones.

Mair proudly told police me before he was rugby tackled down, Then instituted as: A politics activist, After his court.

At his 1970s council house, Police found an extensive number of Nazi memorabilia, Including a golden statue of a Third Reich Eagle printed with a swastika.

At his first image in court, Mair exclaimed: that would trairegardingrs. choice for Britain, He refused to enter pleas and remained silent industry by storm overwhelming evidence at his Old Bailey trial.

He asked to address the court through his barrister, Simon Russell Flint, QC, But Mr Justice Wilkie refused to allow Mair to speak before telling him he would spend with the remainder of his life in jail for the murder of Mrs Cox.

Fundamental importance to our democracy for Members of Parliament in order to really

Perform their duties and meet their constituents safely and fearlessly is reflected in the possibility that no respectable political party contested the by election caused by her death, The decide said.

The true concept of the word she was a patriot.

Affect as being a host patriot. The words you uttered repeatedly when you killed her give lip plan to that concept.

Sentiments can be legitimate and can have resonance but in the mouth area, Allied to your actions, could possibly be tainted and made toxic.

Is clear from your online and other researches that your inspiration is not love _a href= European Women_/a_ of country or your fellow citizens, It is an popularity of Nazism, And similar anti democratic white supremacist creeds where democracy and political persuasion are supplanted by violence towards and intimidation of opponents and those who, In everything ways, can be different and, for that reason, lenient with persecution.

Parents' generation made huge eschew to defeat those ideas and values in the Second World War.

in college, And your popularity of those views which informed your crime,

Betrays the surrender of that generation.

are not any patriot. By your actions you have betrayed the quintessence of our country, the nation's adherence to parliamentary democracy. Cox moms Gordon

and as well,as well as the Jean Leadbeater, Sister Kim and her husband Brendan sat in the courtroom as Mair was sentenced.

Brendan read a difficult victim impact statement from the witness box.

he said: the one who did this, We have absolutely nothing but pity that his life was so devoid of love and consumed with hatred that this became his desperate and cowardly attempt to find meaning.

Killing of Jo was a political act, An act of terrorism but in a brief history of such acts it was perhaps the most incompetent and self defeating.

Act driven by hatred which instead has built an outpouring of love.

Act designed to drive communities apart which has instead pulled them together.

Act designed to silence a voice which instead has allowed several others to hear it. Was explained neighbours as a shy and quiet loner who enjoyed gardening and was often seen coming and going from his house carrying shopping bags.

But indoors he had shared with his grandmother, sue, until her death in 1996, Mair had gained a library of hate.
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