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Is frequent blinking a sign of lying?

How can you judge if a person tell lie? Is frequent blinking a sign of lying?
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  • edward


    It is said that when a person lies he or she will pretend to blink frequently. When a person lies, he or she will have the pupil inflation which will cause the frequent blinking. Lying usually will appear the following symptoms: pupil inflation, volume and tone of voice mutation, less smile and so on. Blinking too much and frequently shrug are also the symptoms. As we know, the blinking will also prevent the eyes from the invisible bacterium. In addition, blinking will make your eyes keep moisture. The normal blinking will make your eyes look bright and refreshing which will make your eyes feel comfortable.
  • Allen


    It is truly a bad behavior. How can we believe a person who had told lies? We would think his moral quality level is so low. However, there are a word named "white lie", if the person tells lie just because he wants to avoid the fact to hurt you, he is still a good person. You can seek the motivation of the lie to judge the character of the person. Let us seek the truth from the fact. Yes, the frequent blinking may be a sign of lying, because of he want to use some movement to hide his guilty conscience. However, there are some other conditions to judge. If the person has some eyes diseases, such as eyes fatigue or dry eye or eye infection, or some foreign body, the dirt into his eyes, that is another cup of tea. We could check the detail to avoid wrong innocent person.

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