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Does eyebright make your eyes whiter?

Is it true that eyebright can make my eyes get whiter? Why? Does that indicate some kind of eye problem?
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  • Sig


    Yes, it is true that eyebright can make your eyes get whiter. Eyebright extract contains flavonoids which are for the pouch. The eye fatigue has special curative effect. It is a kind of eye herb. It grows in the natural pasture, as early as the fourteenth century in the European pharmacopoeia of millet grass. The effect has already been recorded. It is the herbal medicine for eye prescription. The millet grass is the most famous since the middle ages. The role of efficacy embodied in both go pouch and fatigue elimination. The effects of flavonoids are various. It is a strong antioxidant which can effectively remove oxygen free radicals in the body, like the flower of the anthocyanins pigment. It can inhibit lipid peroxide of overflow the stage as a whole. It has the ability to prevent oxidation more than ten times that of vitamin E. The antioxidant effect can prevent the degeneration of cell aging, eliminate eye fatigue, improve eyesight, bright eye, improve eyesight and help reduce puffiness and dark circles. In a word, it has great role for the eyes.
  • b0rn2bxcrazii


    I don't think it is a bad sign. Eyebright contains flavones, which is efficient to relieve eyebag and eyestrain. The herb grown on native pasture which is good for eyes can be dated back to european pharmacopeia in 14th century. It is called "drinable eyedrop" . Flavones is a kind of strong antioxygen that can clear the oxygen radical in the body which means it can decrease oxydic ability( as 3 times as vitamin E) . As the antioxygen can prevent the recession and senium of eyes, it will help improve vision and eye function and brighten the eyes ( I guess what you mean "whiter" should be "brighter"). What's more, it is good for eliminating black eyes. Finally, there's no side effect found at present. I'd like you to do regular inspection to find if it is good for you. Hope that can help.