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Minaxi Patel


Can pregnancy cause eyelashes to fall out?

It is normal to have eyelashes fall out during pregnant? Is it possible happen?
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  • cherry_bloss0m


    Eyelashes is different than hair from other part of the body. For I know that eye makeup and heavy mascara can actually cause the eyelashes fall. And eye infection also can cause eyelashes fall out. While, it's not been found that there is any connection between eyelashes fall and pregnant. Suggest you see a doctor to check out the reason why your eyelashes fall.
  • crazycowgirl89


    It is relatively common and it is rather possible to happen. While there can be a lot of causes for this problem, but one thing is sure, it is due to an imbalance in the person's system during her pregnancy. So taking blood tests is very necessary to reveal any imbalances and then have the remedy. What's more, causes can also be medications, birth control pills, thyroid malfunctions, anemia, and arthritis. You need to go to your doctor and have a test soon!
  • bell


    It is not some common reaction during pregnancy but possible. Some women experienced these uncommon side effects of pregnancy. Their hair gets thin and weak and their eyelashes and even eyebrows fall out. Normally hair (including the eyelashes and eye brows) won’t get thinner because the increased estrogen hormones would stimulate the growth of hair. Usually women might experience hair loss after the delivery for the decreasing level of estrogen hormones. But if you experience extremely apparent hair loss or your eyelashes and eye brows fallen out, it probably is sending some signals. As to hair loss during pregnancy, it might be related to a vitamin or mineral deficiency. Vitamin B, C, E and biotin are important to keep hair thick and strong. If your eyelashes and eyebrows are getting thinner and shorter, it is probably caused by nutrition deficiency or thyroid dysfunction. Thyroid changes during pregnancy due to the changes of estrogen, but it will ends with the ending of pregnancy. You can have a test of your protein level and thyroid. Meanwhile you can apply some vitamin productions to help eyelashes growth.