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Gregory A Meetze


What is the best way to clean my designer sunglasses properly?

Ask for some suggestions of cleaning sunglasses. I want to take care of my designer sunglasses to make it last for a long time. Can you tell me What is the best way to clean the sunglasses properly?
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  • Kimberly


    You can just use the clean water to wash it. Or the soap which should not be in the acidity may help you clean clearly. However, you'd better use the soft clean cloth to make it dry. And then you should find a eyeglasses case to hold the sunglasses when you don't wear it, in case of the dust.
  • Benji


    The best way to clean sunglasses is with a drop of liquid soap and warm water. Firstly, you should moisten the lenses and frame with warm tap water. And you dab a drop of soap on thumb or forefinger, and gently rub into the lenses and throughout frame and arms. Then, you rinse glasses delicately with warm water and dry with a lint-free cloth. Avoid drying with paper products because their wood content can scratch the lenses. Use a liquid soap that doesn't have added lotions because they coat the lenses with a milky film. Soap removes body oil not only from the lenses, but also the nose pads, hinges and screws. Don't forget these areas when cleaning, because body oil can loosen them and cause future breakage.
  • Paige williams


    Be sure not to touch lenses by your hand or wipe ashy lenses by a wiping rag directly in that most glasses are made with the resin which has low resistance to wear. When you want to clean your sunglasses, you'd better rinse them under running water and then dry the lenses with tissue carefully. If the sunglasses are very dirty or with some oil on them, you can wash them with a little cleanser essence. Besides, to know how to maintain sunglasses is also necessary for you. For example, don't put sunglasses in the sun when you don't wear them. Clean sunglasses after wearing is also important for metal parts of the frame are easy to be corroded by sweat or grease on the skin, so daily cleaning of sunglasses is helpful to extend the period of use.