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Jose joyce


Can lack of sleep makes the eyes uneven ?

I know that lacking of sleep can cause many problems such as puffy eyes and eye bag etc. But i wonder can lacking of sleep makes eye uneven?
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  • Miranda hall


    Yeah, if you lack of sleep or stay until midnight in front of computers to play games, your eyes may easily get hurt. The next morning, you will see your eye bags or puffy eyes in the mirror.Lack of water in the eyes and the damage of eye nerves will cause this. You'd better get the biologic clock back into the normal state.
  • May Yong


    Generally speaking, it is really common if you have uneven eyes. Like me, since I am grown up, I notice the uneven eyes always stay with me. As some experts mentioned, every person's right side of the face is different with the other side, to a variable degree. Sometimes these differences are not so clear to figure out, and of course other times they are striking so we can notice them. If you really want to put the uneven eyes together with the lacking of sleep, the only relationship I want to tell you is that the blackness of sleep will make the difference (mentioned above) more clearly. In other words, lacking of sleep will help to make the uneven eyes clearly instead of making eyes uneven, because the uneven stays with you all the time.

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