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How long do the halos last after lasik surgery?

My eyes got halos vision sometimes after a lasik surgery half a month ago. Can you tell me how long does it take to get rid of the halos?
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  • walkingalone123


    Well, first, I have to tell you that it is possible to have halos in your eyes after the surgery. And for most people, it will last more than 30 days to recover. According to some researches, there are two factors which are related to this situation. First, you need to know that if the corneal flap does not adhere properly after surgery, the halos can occur. And then, if the pupil is dilating to a size larger than the treatment zone, it can lead to halos too. For your situation, I will suggest you go and have eye exam as soon as possible.
  • christy9589


    Actually, it depends. I once had lasik surgery as well. It took me about five months to get rid of the halos. And I don't know whether you have also experienced this, that is, you may have a problem with your nighttime vision. And this problem will go with you for five or even six months. However, if you are lucky enough, You may just experience this for less than 30 days, as my doctor had told me. Remember to have follow-up visits with your doctor. You must tell your doctor your any apparent discomfort. You should know that the following symptoms are quite normal after your lasik surgery, such as Sensitivity to light, Dry eyes, Ghost images and Blurry vision. Keep up with your doctor, I assure you that you will recover in a quick time.

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