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Kelsey McNew


Can sore eyes cause headaches?

Is it possible to get headaches because of sore eyes? If so, is there any good way to prevent it?
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  • david


    Well, yes, sore eyes can lead to headache. As we know that soreness in eyes could be an indication that the eyes are tired for some reasons. But on the other hand, in some cases, it means an eye disorder. At that moment, it will affect your brain, and also lead to headache. By the way, if your eyes are infected with sore eyes, the blood vessels in the eyes will darken. Also, your eyes feel itchy, dry and sore, painful and discomfort. So just pay more attention to it. And you can use a clean and warm compress on the eyes for 2-3 minutes for a long time. In that way, it will relieve your symptom. Or you can console it with your doctor.
  • Matthew baker


    Yes, it is possible to get headaches because of sore eyes. Once you have the headache, your eye nerves will be influenced which cause the dryness of the eyes. You could go through the good diet with vitamin C and A to moisture the eyes. In addition, you could also take some medicine to cure the headache in the first place.
  • elmo01


    Looks like there is something wrong with your eyes. Anyway, sore eyes is quite common in our daily life , a lot of people would face the problem from time to time, it is resulted from several factors , such as a lack of sleep, and so forth. Sometimes it would lead to headaches because the nerves connect your brain and your eyes. If you want to prevent it, you should find out the causes and take measures, or you might as well find a doctor.

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