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Is emu oil good for dark circles under eyes?

There are always dark circles under my eyes. One of my friends told me to try emu oil. Is emu oil really good for reducing dark circles.
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  • Dazza


    Yes, the emu oil can help you reduce the dark circle under your eyes. As we know that is a cosmetic product that helps improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. So it can do a help to reduce the dark circles under eyes. Besides, advance formulation of emu oil also contains purcelin oil and is also effective for aging skin and dehydrated skin. And you also should know that dark circles can be due to lack of sleepless and the bad diet habit. So just drink enough water and have good rest. I think they relieve your symptoms.
  • Makayla


    I heard that emu oil can help to treat dark circles. It is said that you can place emu oi on the skin as a topical oil. Some people said that it can makes their skin feel softer and look clearer. But i never have a try. If you want to try, just go ahead. Or you can use some others ways to reduce dark circles for example, get enough sleep. Place your eyes with cucumber slices etc. They also help reduce dark circles.
  • Adam peters


    Yes, the emu oil will help to reduce the dark circles. However it has many other functions, such as get skin tissues flexible, eliminate joint pain, alleviate swelling, release the muscle tissue pain and surgical wound, develop the nail growth, reduce scab formation and so on. If you want to reduce the dark circles which are caused by the lack of sleep, you'd better have a good rest for the eyes. Then you could use other exterior materials to help you get recovery.
  • Gwen Robinson


    I've tried emu oil from Country Divine for other skin issues and have been really happy with the results. If you are still thinking about trying emu oil for your dark circles, try them out! They also have an under eye cream with emu oil in it that is supposed to also help with wrinkles. Here's the link: Hope this helps!
  • emmie18


    The reason of dark circle under your eyes may be congestion of blood capillary around your eyes. Frequently stay up late, emotional instability, eyes fatigue and aging will induce the circulation of blood slowing down, the erythrocyte (red cell)’s oxygen supply reduce, the carbon dioxide and metabolic waste accumulation, the blood around your eyes lack of oxygen, the blood congest and pigmentation of eyes blood will be happen. Enough sleep and relax will far beyond many nursing care for your eyes to recovery. Vitamin C/A/E and carotene will be helpful supplement to your eyes. Eyes massage and mild hot compress will also helpful. However, any essential oil would not be good to apply on your eyes. The skin around the eyes is very subtle and sensitive, the essential oil will form fat granule and put overload to the skin around eyes. If you really want something to use, special eye cream will be recommended. The care of eyes will not be the oil or something apply to your eyes, but a good life rule, and if you insist it, the effect will be appear in a long run.

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