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How to make your eyes look less sunken?

How can i do t make my eyes look less sunken. Is there any good way to go? Any suggestion?
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  • Andrea


    Sunken eyes are described as common an eye condition that occur as aging. It is also present as having dark circles under the eyes. There are some home remedies could help treat sunken eyes without any side effect. Firstly, you can apply raw potato or cucumber to your eyes for 15 to 20 minutes to soften the look of sunken eyes. At the same time, you should drink 10 glasses of water to keep you hydrated because dehydration is one the main causes of sunken eyes. On the other side, you can intake vitamin K to accelerate your blood flow because slow blood flow could be one cause of sunken eyes. You should decrease intake vitamin A due to it could cause the skin to darken until the sunken eyes disappear. Moreover, cold and warm compresses are helpful for your eyes, you can do each compress for 10 minutes and exchange to the other one.
  • Andrea warren


    To make your eyes look less sunken, you can achieve it by properly makeup. First, you shall shape your eyebrows which is the frame of your face. So, draw it properly according to your personalities. Besides, proper use of eye shadows to your upper eyelid. You can begin at the inner corner and work your way toward the outer corner. In addition, use eye liner properly. At last, curl your eyelashes and apply mascara. Now, you can archive a good look.
  • cliffistheshit


    You may need to get plenty of sleep,eat more fruits and vegetables , which will make your skin looks more shining and also your eyes.This process of skin care is long but can revitalize the skin around your eyes fundamentally. Moreover,if you want to get it a little faster, you can make your eyes less sunken by putting on make up.Changing your dark eye shadow into some lighter colors would help.Appropriate and natural eyebrows are also important.
  • walkingrain


    I have a good idea to help your eyes look less sunken. That is makeup. You can use the eye shadow to cover and decorate the eyes. Using the dark series color of eye shadow, you will make the eyes look flat. The sunken part may be looked as the eye shadow part. This can also make your eyes look charming.

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