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Can iodine deficiency cause puffy eyes?

I heard that iodine deficiency can lead to puffy eyes. Is this true? How can iodine deficiency affect on eyes?
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  • Alexa


    Iodine deficiency can cause lots of problem on nerve system, eyes, ears, blood system, skin, endocrine system, etc. It may cause puffiness, hurt, exophthalmos, watery eyes, ambiopa, visual deterioration, eye floaters, etc. The worst situation may be blindness. An adult needs 150 mcg iodine, which can be adequate if we eat enough salt. Take potassium iodate as supplement if you've already suffered from iodine defience.
  • hall


    Yes, it's true, iodine deficiency can lead to puffy eyes. It's reported that iodine deficiency can cause improper thyroid function, which can lead a whole host of symptoms and puffy eyes is one of the symptoms. While, it's hard to identify that your puffy eyes caused by iodine deficiency because there are many causes of puffy eyes.
  • Jason lester


    As matter of fact, iodine deficiency won't have too much effect in eyes, therefore, it can hardly lead to puffy eyes. On the contrary, the overabundance of iodine will give rise to hyperthyreosis, which will finally cause puffy eyes. However, iodine deficiency can also affect on eyes in other ways. Mucus is the most essential symptom. In addition, if you take no account of this symptom, the situation will take a turn for the worse, eventually lead to strabismus. Let alone other side effects to bodies. Accordingly, you have to take iodine deficiency seriously and go to the hospital to receive a professional examination as soon as you feel something wrong. I am sincerely hope you can recuperate your health soon.