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How much do transition lenses cost online?

How much do transition lenses usually cost if you buy them from online stores?
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  • Danielle lewis


    There are so many online store that provide transition lenses. And the prices for transition lenses are different from each stores. "On EBay transitional lenses range anywhere from $9.95 (New Vintage clear lenses) to $199.00 (Drivewear Polarized Transition glasses), and some famous eyewear brands are included in these prices. One of the top name brands in the eyewear world is Oakley, and the Oakley transitional lenses range from $79.95 (Oakley Split Jacket lenses) to $89.99 (Oakley Flak Jacket XLJ lenses). On EBay, one of the cheapest brands of transitions glasses is the Choppers brand, which they make sunglasses for motorcycles, and this ranges anywhere from $17.95 (Matte Black sunglasses) to $22.95 (Men’s Black sunglasses). The transitions lenses price for the brand name “Transitions” are $99.00 on the online shopping site called EBay. Another reliable website where you can shop from is Amazon, and on their site transitions glasses and sunglasses range from $20.00 (Red Baron Motorcycle goggles) to $220.00 (Oakley Men’s Flak Jacket sunglasses). On Google Shopping the prices for transitions are from $39.00 (Eliminator style sunglasses) to $294.99 (Tag Heuer 6001 lenses)." Sources:
  • Bridget C


    The price of transition glasses are various, so i can't tell the specific number. however, you have much experience in buying glasses online. so i can tell you some good online optic stores that you may have a look, such as coastal .com , framedirect .com and i have tried glasses from these three stores. it's good. BTW, I once got free glasses from and if you want to know more info about them, you can google their reviews to see whether their glasses are good or not.

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