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CeCe Bazel


Will wearing eyeglasses all day long increase your RX over the years?

I just use my glasses for driving but I spend much time driving, will my prescription increase after long time wearing/ over years?
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  • Savannah


    Generally speaking, long-term wearing glasses will not increase your prescription. If your power is below +/-2.00, it is not necessary to wear eyeglasses for long hours, but if your power is beyond that, you are suggested to wear it always. If you protect your eyes carefully and pay much attention to eye health, take your glasses off to have rest after several hours weaing and massage the eye strain places, blink you eyes frequently..., The RX power should be kept to a balanced value.
  • Jackson


    I suppose it could if you don't need them for certain things. But some people need to wear their glasses all the time so they can see. It all depends on your prescription and whether or not you are near-sighted or far-sighted.