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Kaylee tuener


Is wearing contacts worse for your eyes' health than wearing glasses?

Is that true?
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  • Desiree


    When contact lenses are used properly, they will be unharmful to your eyes.But make sure to wear them in reasonable amount of time (6-8 hours a day, never wear them to sleep otherwise your eyes will be lack of oxygen) properly cleaned and stored, and replaced on a regular schedule.Never wear contact lenses which have been expired.To have your eyes examined periodically to see if your prescription has changed or if you are infected with bacterials.
  • cook


    In fact, contact lenses are not worse for your eyes than wearing glasses if you wear contacts in a correct way.You'd better follow your doctor recommendations when you start to wear contacts.If you have some eye problems,such as, dry eye, infection, inflammation and scratching of the cornea, you can not wear contacts.


    It can be true in some way.Wearing contacts can get infected more easily than glasses if you don't pay enough care to them as they are worn directly on your eyes.Glasses don't need special care and it is more convenient to wear.
  • Caroline hill


    Yes,the doctor would not suggest you wearing contacts if it is not necessary as they need special care and your eyes can get infected easily.