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Does laser work for dark under eye circles?

Are there laser treatments for dark circles? Any idea?
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  • Gabriella rupert


    Laser treatments is coming to our life in recent years. But since every surgery has risk, we suggest you not impulsively decide to take such treatment. However with the improvement of science and technology, we can wish this treatment will be more and more secure. Before you finally decide it, you can try to use some other physical therapy such as use Olive essence oil or cucumber pieces.
  • Alexia


    Yes. Laser may help you treat dark circles under eyes. But one should go for laser treatments only if the case is chronic. I heard that laser can increase production of collagen to thick skin, thus to make dark circles less visible. Besides, you can also take some home remedies for dark circles. In detail, you shall drink plenty of water, get enough sleep and place cold teabag, cucumber or potato slice on your eyes.
  • Catherine williams


    Yes, the laser will work on the dark circles under the eyes which may be caused by the not well sleep, stay up too late and lack of well blood circulation. You could use the laser surgery to treat the dark circles under the eyes. It is safe and effective if you choose the right hospital.

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