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Low astigmatism - should I be wearing glasses?

Hi, I have low mixed astigmatism (sph 0.25 and cyl -1.5 in both eyes). I generally don't wear my glasses and just make do. My eyes do get tired and I am quite conscious that I can struggle with distance vision especially when driving at night. Will I be making my vision worse by making do in this way? Should I be wearing glasses more regularly?
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  • tuener


    Hi, if you have low mixed astigmatism,astigmatism can make driving a risky activity. For most, this typically applies to night driving. Astigmatism is notorious for giving sufferers severely reduced night vision, possibly due to pupil dilation in low light conditions, which can exacerbate focal difficulties.Even during the day, people with astigmatism can experience problems with light and some will see halos, blurring, and severe distortion in certain conditions. Increased darkness worsens all these difficulties, sometimes to the point that activities that require a high degree of visual acuity,such as driving,become difficult or even impossible to do safely.Corrective lenses are also more likely to cause complications at night. Most astigmatic individuals wear either glasses or contacts. Glasses can create glare, which is especially noticeable with artificial lighting after dark. Contacts can be even worse - if not kept well-hydrated, they can dry out after a long day, causing discomfort and worsened sight.Anyone with astigmatism concerned about night driving, or anything really, should first look to correct their vision as much as possible. As mentioned, eye exercises allow you to improve your vision, but choosing the right pair of glasses or contacts is also vital. So, you need to wear a right pair of eyeglasses regularly.