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Angela tuener


Is welding bad for your eyes?

Is it really dangerous to the eyes when weld something? What are the dangers?
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  • Catherine williams


    People cannot directly look at welding because the strong light overwhelm our eyes ,it may cause eyesight losing or other problems. Those machinists always wear masks to protect themselves. The special mask is made of special materials which can prevent the radiation and strong light. For the people without any protection, it's better not to look at that, for our own sake. And not only do the strong light and radiation are bad for eyes, but also do they harm our whole body. So stay away from the welding spot next time.
  • Gabriella rodney


    Yes, welding is really dangerous to the eyes when weld something. Because Ultraviolet rays from the welding arc can be very harmful to your eyes and your eyelids can swell with a watery discharge. In a word, it will affect your vision if you watch the light often without wearing a mask, and after you weldfor a minute just close your eyes and have some rest.
  • Jada


    The answer is absolutely yes. It's really dangerous to the eyes when welding. The most serious and dangerous factor are sparks. The sparks produced while welding may fly into our eyes and melt the contact lenses with their high temperature. Thus, our eyes may be hurt by the burn and heat, what's worse, may give rise to blindness. Even though we can keep away from the hurt by sparks, the light from welding are so strong that will harm our vision severely. Moreover, the harmful gases and dust around the spot can be easily attached to the surface of retina, which can lead to amphiblestritis. Accordingly, the essential step is wearing electric welding glasses particularly for the people working in the welding which can protect eyes from harms by welding.