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Can i pop my stye with a needle?

Is it Ok if i i pop my stye with a needle? Will it cause infection or other bad effects?
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  • walkingalone00


    Maybe, you can try to pop the stye in your eyes with a needle. However, there are many things you need to do for the eyes infection. First of all, you could clean the needle with the clean cloth. Then you should heat the needle with the fire which could help you disinfect the needles. Then you could use the needle to pop the stye which will not make your eyes get infection.
  • Kevin lee


    Of course not, popping the stye with a needle can cause or spread infection and make the situation worse. You can apply warm compresses over the affected area for ten to fifteen minutes, four to six times a day to relieve the symptoms of the stye. You can also take over the counter pain medications to alleviate pain. Do not wear eye makeup and contact lenses in the treatment phase.
  • Jose joyce


    It is definitely not ok to do so. Stye is caused by blocked glands on eyelids. Which are responsible for tear production. Once the glands are blocked, oil builds up and get a lump formed on eyelid margin. Sometimes it develops to a lump with a whitish or yellow spot on the top of it. I also want to sqeeze it just like squeezing a pimple. Yet it will cause pain as well as infection of the glands and eyes. Recommend you some useful home remedies for a stye. You could apply some warm compress on eyes. Warm saline solution should be good. The warmth can help rupture the stye and speed up the recovery. Use the cotton bud soak with some alcohol to rub the diseased eyelid margin. You can feel the heat that alcohol bring to your eyelid, but don't open your eyes otherwise your eyes would be irritated by the alcohol. Get someone to help you with it. Instill some over-the-counter antibiotics ointment is an effective method too.

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