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Danielle lewis


Is almond oil good for puffy eyes?

Is it true that almond oil is good to treat puffy eyes? How?
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  • Jordyn carter


    Almond oil a kind of magic oil can used internally and externally. It's full of vitamin E, which can improve the blood circulation and can enable puffiness disappear. Puffy eyes can be caused by many factors such as hormonal changes, stress, allergies, fluid retention and crying. Drinking too much alcohol the night before or insomnia can also lead to bags under the eyes. If you got almond oil at home, you can massage your puffy eyes with almond oil twice a day.
  • duncan


    Yes, almond oil is highly recommended for helping reduce puffy eyes. Almond oil has rich potential medical properties good for puffy eyes and it can keep the skin under the eye well nourished and healthy.What's more, almond is very helpful for remedying wrinkles, baggy, crepey eyes and black rings.
  • Bruce Robot


    Yes, almond oil is good for puffy eyes. Almond oil is light yellow and transparent. It tastes fragrance. It is not only the good cooking oil or a kind of advanced lubricating oil which is resistant to - and the low temperature but also can be used as senior paint coating cosmetics and high quality soap and important raw materials. It can also draw the essence and vitamin because almond has south apricot and north apricot. There are sweet almond oil. The almond oil is rich in protein. The unsaturated fatty acid vitamin inorganic salt dietary fiber and the human body need trace elements. The supplement energy function and its amygdalin are natural in anti-cancer active substances. The almond oil could make your eyes surrounding parts become smooth and look bright. You will feel even comfortable after using the almond oil.

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