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Can you get computer glasses at a place like walmart

Can you get computer glasses at a place like walmart or do you have to special order them. They are supposed to keep glare from monitor from hitting eyes.
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  • 04/13/2012

    it is good for you to take anti-protective approach to your eyes .. computer glasses not only have magic function of vision correction but more importantly, they are unique and superior in reducing the computer radiation while we are working at the computer and in the office. if you don't wear prescription glasses, you just need to buy non RX computer glasses with anti-radiation coating . you can get it at walmart or online such as firmoo . otherwise your prescription is needed to decide what strength you need .
  • Michelle leonard


    Yes, you could get the computer glasses at a place like walmart. You could find that the computer glasses are so effective which will help your eyes from hurting from the computers' radiation and hitting from the glare from the monitor. In a word, the computer glasses should be the necessary one for the office men. You could take it into consideration.
  • walker8016


    Yes, you can get a pair of computer glasses from walmart. It is said that the glasses sold by walmart are very cheap. You can have a look first. If you can't find a pair computer glasses that you like. You can have a look at lenscrafters or any other online optical stores. The glasses sold online are much cheaper than the glasses sold in any physical shops. You can have a try. Good luck!
  • Jen.C


    Dude, computer glasses can help block computer reflections and filter glare. They can help protect our eyes. You can buy a pair of computer glasses from any online optical stores or local eyeglasses shops.
  • Vanessa edward


    Yes, you can. And walmart vision center can offer free eye exams sometimes. If you have some vision problems, you can have a look before buying a pair of computer glasses. And walmart also accept some insurances, you can cover part of your glasses with your insurance. But not all the doctors in walmart vision center accept insurances. The situation varies from place to place. Good luck!
  • Christina


    Hey! I have got a pair of computer glasses from Firmoo without spending any money. I apply for an opportunity on 4sponsor. I did a review for the pair of computer glasses that I get. You can have a try. You can have a look at to find the opportunities that you are interested in. Hope you can find what you like soon. good luck!

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