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Joseph campbell


How to get rid of a zit on your eye?

I get a zit on my eyes. Please help me how to remove it?
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  • consilium_capit


    Well, it can be annoying to have a zit on the eyes. For your situation, you can try some ways. For example, you can just apply a warm compress several times a day. But remember that since eye pimples can be particularly noxious, you will surely have an urge to squeeze that zit. It is important to avoid this if at all possible. Also, you should be careful about an eye infection. Anyway, just pay more attention to it. and it can be cured.
  • hill


    Ok, it seems that there is an ugly zit on your eye area, anyway, it would be abnormal for you to get one on your eye. Anyway, now you must get rid of it through a natural way. Here I would recommend that you try to get some tea tree essential oil to rub that area, because those oil could greatly remove a zit. Also, try to get a balanced diet and get more rest, try not to disturb your natural way of rest and life.
  • Rickey Stumphf


    Yeah, many people find the zits, also known as the pimples, are very annoying because they make us not so beautiful. And you know sometimes the zits form when we are sleeping,also including the day. The most important is that here I will tell you the ways to clean the annoying zits on your eyes. The first thing is cleaning a piece of washcloth, and put it onto hot water,then put the hot cloth on your eye that has the pimples. Pls remember that you should keep this action fro about 30 seconds. Then you can massage the area around your eyes with two fingers gently. Because you know the bump will always appears together with the zits, massage will help you to make the inflammation to go down and at last, the bump will go away with time goes by. Now the task is not end, you should repeat the motion again and agin until the zits on your eyes go away, then you can take a deep breathe and go out to have fun.