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Brook Park


How to make your eyes not be puffy after crying?

My eyes are puffiness right now because of crying too much. Can you tell me how to reduce the puffiness?
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  • Ariana kirk


    OK, I can see that you just want to get rid of those puffy signs, anyway, it could greatly damage your looks and affect your confidence. Here I have got some tips for you,first up, try to get some potato slices and put them on your eyes, after ten minutes or so, take them off and wash your eyes with cold water. Also, try to get proper rest and get some eye drops if necessary.
  • Adam peters


    Your eyes are full of liquids after you cry. Firstly, gently tap the swollen area with your fingertips to encourage fluids to flow elsewhere. Then, apply a cool, soothing substance to your eyes for 5 minutes to reduce fluid retention. Some magic stuff can be helpful. Try cucumber slices; a refrigerated gel mask; damp, chilled tea bags; or a damp, cold cloth. By the way, drink plenty of water. Water retention, which causes bloating, occurs when the body has too many salt and not enough fluids to flush it out. And eat some food which is full of potassium like banana, or cucumber.
  • walkingwolf2004


    Firstly, I want to tell a joke just for relax your worry mood. The best way to prevent puffy swollen eyes after crying is to avoid crying. However, it is actually to keep a wonderful peace of mind is very important for your health. I heard that, the sorrow emotion will bring much toxin in your endocrine system till its disorders. Anyway, to solve your problem now, use a towel which soaked with full of cool water then apply it to your eyes, doing massage around your eye socket and your temple as well as your eyebrow. If possible, you can make up, the blemish balm cream adopt around your eyes will be helpful in a short time. After all, a sound sleep may help with the blood circulation around your eyes, the next morning when you wake up, you will find everything goes well with your eyes, please remember, and do not cry again after that, the smile will be the best medicine for your physical as well as your mental health condition.