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Which type of goggles is best for male swimmers?

There's a lot in the speedo store but which type is best for male swimmers?
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  • John clark


    When referring to buying men's swim googles, there are five pairs of goggles which are consider to be the best choices at your local sporting goods stores.1.Speedo Vanquisher Mirrored goggles.2. Aqua Sphere Kaiman goggles 3. TYR Racetech Performance Metallized goggles 4. Dolfin Bungee Swede goggles 5. Barracuda Ultimate Swim goggles.
  • Michael?


    The face shape between male and female does have much difference.One does not feel comfortable with the goggle maybe because it does not fit his face very well. It is better to have him try different types of goggles in the store and he will know which is the most comfortable .

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