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Does castor oil help dry eyes?

I heard that castor oil can help dry eyes. Is that true? How castor oil help people with dry eyes?
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  • Christopher


    Well, generally speaking, yes, castor oil can just help to treat dry eyes. In common, castor oil is extracted from a plant which grows through the world. And it is one of the most commonly used vegetable oil. For many people, castor oil is used as a home remedy for treatment of constipation, inflammation. On the other hand, according to some experts, one of the most promising advantages of castor eye is its ability to treat dry eyes. For example, you can just take pure castor oil in a clean dropper and administer one drop in each eye. This can be repeated to up to three to four times in a day. Anyway, you can just have a try.
  • Justin fergus


    Ok, I can see that you just want to improve your eye health and get rid of dry eyes which make you suffer. Anyway, as you can see,castor oil consists of a lot of nutritions and vitamins, which might be good for you eyes. But they are not very effective. What you should do is to figure out what led to your dry eyes and take measures to deal with it. Maybe you should consult a doctor and pay attention to your rest and your diet.
  • cdale


    Castor oil is eatable oil with lots of functions. For medical usage, it can used in constipation relief, inflammation treatment, and even labor induction. Castor oil can also be effective in treating dry eyes. Many artificial tears contain castor oil. Castor oil alone may treat dry eyes better than the marketed eye drops. Use a clean dropper, wash it thoroughly with soapy water, and rinse well. Suck 100-percent pure castor oil into the clean dropper. Drop one drop of oil into each eye three times per day.

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