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Ana evelyn


Can mold cause itchy eyes?

Can mold possible lead to itch eyes to me? How can mold affect our eyes?
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  • erinpoo130


    Yes, mold will be possible to lead to your itchy eyes because of the bacterium. Through the contagious role, the mold will make your eyes feel itchy and dry. You need to do something to stop it to avoid the further damage on the eyes. You could use the eyes drops with anti-inflammation role to get rid of the bacterium in the eyes. It will be so useful.
  • cat_w101


    Well, yes, of course, mold can just cause itchy eyes. According to some experts, exposure to mold can just affect people differently. In common, mold can enter into the human body through several different pathways. For example, it can just get into the eyes, leading to some eye infections. In that way, your eyes will feel itchy, uncomfortable, and in some cases, redness can occur too. And that is why you get itchy eyes. By the way, you should know that mold spores can enter into a person's sinuses and lungs through normal respiration or breathing in Mold contaminated buildings. So just be careful about it, or your itchy eyes will be more serious.