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What are benefits of having big eyes?

Today, more and more people pursue big eyes. Can you tell me what are the benefit of having big eyes? Just for looks?
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  • Paige evelyn


    Ok, so it seems that you just are wondering about the benefits of big eyes. Let me tell you, the most evident benefit of them is admiration of the opposite sex. For example, a lot of guys would prefer big eyed girls, for they are more beautiful and cute with big eyes. Besides, big eyes could make you appear energetic and vigorous. I believe the rest of the benefits is pointless. Looks is the key.
  • clozco


    Yes, most of the people like big eyes better. There have some benefits of big eyes in my personal opinion. The most important one is attraction. People suppose the eyes to be the windows of spirits of a person. The big eyes would bring more information of the mind and think of a people, so it is attractive. And there has another advantage for the people who need contacts with big eyes; it is really easier for a people to wearing the contact lenses than the small eyes people. How ever, the most beautiful eyes are the one that matching the face harmoniously in a proper size and position. The individual organ would not appear the sense of beauty actually!
  • cute_lil_ambie


    There are many benefits to own the big eyes. First of all, owning the big eyes will look beautiful from the visual side. Secondly owning the big eyes will make you absorb more light which will be good for your eyes vision. Now more and more people like to use the makeup to show the big eyes which will help them look good.