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Can i donate blood if i have pink eye?

i just want to ask that if I can still donate blood when I am suffering from blood eye. Some people said that people with eye problems can not donate blood. Is that true?
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  • John C.


    Well, in my opinion, it will be fine for you to donate blood even if you have been suffering from pink eyes. And as we know that pink eye is a kind of inflammation in the eyes. And it is mostly caused by allergies, and infection in eyes. Of course, when it occurs, your eyes will be red, itchy, and watery. And some eye discharges can occur too. But on the other hand, it will just be fine to have blood donation, so you do not need to worry about it.
  • b0rn2bxcrazii


    It is not good for you to donate blood when you are still having pink eyes. This is because that pink eyes is a kind of acute hemorrhagic conjunctivitis which possesses the symptoms of very powerful infectivity. The viruses or bacteria can go through directly the eyes and cause inflammation usually by way of the patients' hands, towels, or wash basin. If you go to donate blood when you are still suffering from pink eyes, then it is very easy for you to infect the things around you, thus making other people get infected. In addition, even when your eyes have returned to normal conditions, you still had better go consult your doctor to see if you are suitable to donate blood or not, in case there were any potential infections. Besides, there are some other kinds of eye problems that prevent people from donating their blood. For example, a person who is highly near-sighted can not donate blood, either. Before you go donate your blood, therefore, you had better go to have an overall examination.
  • walkingalone_


    Yes, people with eye problems can not donate blood. Your pink eyes may be contagious in the public place. Thus you'd better stay at home and accept the treatment. You could also use some eye drops with anti-inflammation to get the recovery of the eyes. After you get well at the eyes, you could donate the blood.