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How long does it take for eye inflammation to heal?

I got eye inflammation without luck. How long does it take for eye inflammation to heal? Is there any way i can do to help my eyes recover soon?
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  • tuener


    I know it's very uncomfortable and unsightly.There are two main types of inflammation of the eye: conjuctivitis and uveitis.I don't your symptom.Treatment for inflammation of the eye differs depending on the cause of the inflammation.So the time of recovering is uncertain.Everyone's cornea is different, but on average it will take a few weeks with the right medications.What's worse,it will take more than three months to recover from eye inflammation. You'd better visit your optometrist or family practitioner to determine the cause of your eye inflammation.Then,take medical advice.
  • chopperkriss


    As far as the clinical medicine is concerned, the treatment of eye inflammation needs to be analyzed according to the specific case. Because the causes of eye inflammation vary and the degree of eye inflammation differs, the method and period of treatment are different. If the eye inflammation is caused by keratitis or conjunctivitis, then you can recover from it within a week by dripping some eyedrops. If it is caused by external injury, it will take longer time to make a recovery. During the period of treatment, you need to take notice of the ocular nursing. Do not take pungent diets to avoid aggravating eye inflammation. Take care that your eyes are stimulated by the sand or powder and wash them out in time. Pay attention to your ocular hygiene. Wish you recover soon.