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Can stroke cause eye pain ?

Is it true that stroke can cause eye pain? Why?
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  • rommel abad


    In my opinion,it is true that stroke can cause eye pain.Firstly,we should know what is stroke and some symptoms of it.A stroke or cerebrovascular accident, occurs when blood supply to part of the brain is disrupted.When you have symptoms like these,it means that you get stroke.Weakness of the body.Having troubles in seeing with your eyes.Severe headache with no known cause.From the mentioned above, we know that stroke can cause eye pain.It is because that stroke can cause ocular conditions,orbital conditions,cranial conditions and neurologic conditions,while these conditions are the reasons to cause eye pain.Therefore,it is true that stroke can cause eye pain.
  • greg t


    There have many different reasons would cause eye pain. But no reason will be stroke! Do you know the symptom of stroke? As a word, the most remarkable trait of stroke is paralysis, especially hemiplegia in your body. That is a kind of hemidysesthesia and inflexible of your partial body. It is caused by physical disabilities of somatesthesia. The pain feeling means your nervers are still works in a sound condition, so it is non of the business of stroke. As for the pain, you would relax your eyes at first, then to check if it has got dry eyes or fatigue of eyes after long working time. Some supplements is useful to nutrient your eyes as vitamin and carotene. Eyes massage is recommended to help your eyes.
  • walker


    Well, yes, it is possible to have eye pain because of stroke. When you suffer stroke on your head, it will just affect your eyes, and leading to some eye problems. And at that time, your eyes will feel painful. And of course, in some cases, when blood and other fluids collect in the space around the eye, a black eye can occur. So when you have stroke, it will lead to eye pain and black eye. And also, swelling and dark discoloration around your eyes can occur. At this moment, you can try using ice to reduce the swelling. Also, just protect your eyes by wearing eye patch. Anyway, just be careful about it.