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Go to optical store and ask.I guess it is available.

I need to get new glasses and didn't like semi rimless ones, but the salesgirls were all pushing me to get them saying ""they looked the best and open your face up"" or something like that. I got them just to make them shut up.But I think they look old on me. What do you guys think?
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  • Nicholas campbell


    Lenses of semi rimless glasses may look thinker than those of full framed glasses due to semi rimless design,and they do make people more stylish on them. They are much more popular among people who are sick of full framed glasses.You can try to wear it for some time,maybe you will love them later.
  • adams


    If you have strong prescription, you'd better not get semi rimless glasses cuz the thick lenses can't be held sturdily by the frames.

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