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Caroline hill


Can urine cause pink eye?

Is it possible to get pink eyes from urine. If a bit of urine get into eyes, what's the bad effects ?
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  • commentsforme


    Pink eye is a kind of contagious eye disease. It can be caused by exposing to bacteria, virus, allergy, mold or inflammation of the nearby tissue. The symptoms of pink eye are itchy eyes, conjunctival congestion and blurred vision. Urine is not something that can cause infection. Some urine spit into the eyes is not very serious because the eyes have some organizations to protect themselves like palpebral conjunctiva. Just swash your eyes with clean water is enough.
  • Adam tuener


    Well, yes, urine can just cause pink eyes. So you should try some ways to wash urine from your eyes. Generally speaking, you should know that pink eye is a very common eye disease, which can be caused by viruses, bacteria, allergies, and irritants. And if you have got urine into your eyes, it is possible for your eyes to be infected. In that way, pink eyes can just occur. And redness, watery eyes, sore eyes, dry eyes can be possible too. So just have some pure water and wash your eyes with it as soon as possible. or it can be dangerous.
  • Brittany


    No, you will not get pink eyes from urine. Usually people get pink eyes because of the contact with people with pink eyes or get infection at the eyes through the invisible bacterium. If your eyes get the bit of urine, they will get red because of the stimulation. You'd better wash them out and dry it with the clean cloth.

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