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naomi jen


How can i speak to a boy ive never spoken to before.

Okay so here is the problem, we dont have classes together but we see each other a lot. I dont know if he ever thinks about me or if im cute but all i know is i like him and atleast wanna try talking to him before its too late. I decided to go BOLD and talk to him first. i was going to start by giving him a compliment but he wears the same sweater ( over his shirt, zipped up ) all the time and his shoes , oh boy forget about it! i cant even compliment him on his hair because its the same and that would be wierd. how else can i talk to him or what other compliment can i give him so that it strikes up a conversation & i dont seem totally weird? P.S I have really bad social anxiety so please bare with me, and also im a freshman in highschool, he is a sophmore. HEEELLLPPPPPP!!!!!!!!!
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  • Brook


    Do you know his hobbies? You can start with one thing he likes, such as a book, a movie or a pet...