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Tessa Meunier


Half of a blood shot eye.

hello, just wondering...lately half of my right eye (on the inside, side) keeps going bloodshot, only half of my eye tho, and it comes, then goes for a couple days, and then it comes back. It was just finally normal again, but then when i went to wash my face i noticed that its back and how bad it got ( worse than ive seen ), there is no pain, no watering, no itching, and no site problems..... but its annoying and i just want it to go away.... i've been pretty stressed out and was crying a little bit hours ago, im not sure if this is what brought it back? please help!
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  • Tim


    It seems you don't get enough sleep. Please try to relax your eyes more and spend less time in front of computers or phone. Usually the redness will disappear in 2 weeks. If not, please visit your eye doctor.