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Can back pain cause eye problems?

Is it possible to lead to some eye problems because of back pain? How?
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  • edjuice


    Yes, it is possible for you to lead the eye problems because of the back pain. The back pain may be caused by the long time sit before the computers or other things with little rest. In addition, the nerves will be damaged in the back. That is why it causes your back pain. The eye nerves will also be affected and get the problems. You should use some medical care to treat your back and your eyes.
  • Jordan owen


    Back pain is a very common problem which is always associated with muscles, joints, nerves, bones or other structures of spine. It can be acute or chronic pain. Back pain can be classified as neck pain, middle back pain, lower back pain or tailbone pain. According to its duration, the back pain can be divided into acute, subacute and chronic. Yet normally speaking, the back pain is associated with conditions or diseases of components of the back, including the muscles, ligaments, tendons, disks or bones. These conditions or disease will not lead to eye problem directly. Back pain might develop complications as disability, nerve damages, depression or obesity. Yet none of these complications would associate with eye problem directly. But if patient with back pain gains weight which causes diabetes, then it might impact eye health through too high blood sugar. However we can't put it in this way that back pain would lead to eye problem directly. If your back pain is severe, you should go to hospital for help.