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Justin williams


How to cure eye twitch after concussion ?

After a concussion. I get twitching eyes. Can you tell me how to treat it? Please help.
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  • Kimberly


    After the concussion, your eyes may get the affection too because it is the brain that controls the nerves of the eyes. Your twitching eyes may be caused by the damage of the eye nerves and eyes infection. You should pay great attention to this. You could use the eye drops with anti-inflammation role to get rid of the invisible bacterium in the eyes. Then you could use the home remedy like the warm compress to make your eyes feel better. You could just find the clean cloth and some hot water. You may keep on doing this until the eyes recovery. During this time, you'd better not eat the spicy food which will stimulate your eyes. You should not smoke or drink neither. You'd better drink more water and eat more food with vitamin C to moisture the eyes.
  • ct_exposed


    Well, generally speaking, because of concussion, it may lead to a more serious genetic disorder. And that can cause twitching eye, also chronic irritation or visual problems. For the treatments, there is no successful cure for eye twitching, and we can just try some ways to reduce its severity. In common, the injection of Botox into the muscles of the eyelids is an approved treatment. Because Botox, produced by the bacterium Clostridium botulinum, paralyzes the muscles of the eyelids and thus eliminates the eyelid spasm. So you can just have a try. And have some suggestion from doctor.

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