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Caroline hill


How long does corneal inflammation take to heal?

I was diagnosed with corneal inflammation. I feel so bad. Can you tell me how long will it take to cure it?
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  • Jen


    It is so bad for you to be diagnosed with corneal inflammation which will make your eyes feel bad. You will get the basic recovery about half a month if you keep on using the medical care. You should keep on using the eye drops with anti-inflammation. Besides this, you could should drink more water and eat more food with vitamin C.
  • evilrain


    The exact recovery period is changing according to different cases, but averagely it would take a few weeks to heal up with the right medication. I can't tell you when you can get healed up totally based on your description. It is totally different situation according to the part which has inflammation occured. Usually it is caused by bacterial or viral infection or corneal injuries. Patients with keratitis will develop grittiness, bloodshots, increased sensitivity to light, watering, vision impairment and thick discharge. Without proper treatment, it might develop to corneal ulcer or even vision loss finally. If it is caused by herpes infections, it might last for months. You should visit your ophthalmologist immediately. The doctor might prescribe some suitable medications for your to control the inflammation. You use warm compress at home to promote blood circulation. Use some saline solution or 3% boric acid solution to wash eyes three times per day. Adapt these messures to speed up your recovery process. Hope you can get better soon.

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