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Does anusol work for eye bags?

Can i use anusol to reduce eye bags? Does it work?
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  • castlemedic


    Yes, it works to reduce the eye bags. Anusol is called hemorrhage cream as well, which is mainly used to treat hemorrhoids. It contains some active ingredients such as zinc sulfate monohydrate. It can soothe and moisturize the skin, relieve the itching, pain and irritation, promote blood circulation by removing blood stasis, clear the heat and toxic and reducing swellling. From its effects and functions, we can see that it could help reduce eye bags. Eye bags formed because of too much fluid retenated around eyes, or bad blood circulations there caused by poor sleeping, dehydration, allergies, infections or injuries. Applying some anusol cream under eyes can help blood flow and moisturize and soothe the skin there. It can effectively reduce the puffiness. You can massage eyes at the same time, to make it more effective because tender eye massage could definitely help absorption, blood circulation and skin tightening. But it can't be used during pregnancy or breastfeeding. And you should note that anusol contains propylene glycol, methy parahydroxybenzoate and propyl parahydroxybenzoate which might cause allergic reaction.
  • Austin


    Well, generally speaking, anusol can not help to reduce the eye bags under eyes. So you should not use it, for it can just make your situation become worse. And for eye bags under eyes, it can just make you look older and ugly. So you need to try some ways to reduce it. For example, you can just try some hazel. Witch hazel, it can also help get rid of the swelling, irritation, and occasional discharge in eyes, especially the eye bags. Also, you can use some cool cucumber on your eyes. Besides, you should know that lack of sleep and stress can lead to eye bags too. So maybe you can just have a try.
  • come__tomorrow


    As we know, the anusol is mainly used to cure the hemorrhoids and anal fissure which owns the role of diminishing inflammation. That is why you could use anusol to reduce your eye bags. You could just use the little amount of it and adopt it on the eyes surrounding skin and wait for the release of the eye bags. At the same time, you could also drink more water and use the warm compress to make your recovery of eye bags go on quickly.
  • Benjamin


    Well, in theory it will work. It is known that Anusol is used for treating hemorrhoids. It is supposed to soothe the area and help inflammation and swelling. A big concern is that is a medicated cream, so it could pose a hazard if it got into the eyes, so it would not be a good idea. It would be less expensive and more effective however, to purchase Aloe Vera Gel, keep it in the fridge and massage it onto the under eye area.