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Jada shelley


Does bow wow wear glasses?

Do you like bow wow? Do you know if he wears eyeglasses? If so, what kind of eyeglasses does he often wear?
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  • entaliden


    Yes, I like bow wow. He was spotted in a pair of Dita Statesman optical glasses which look good. If you like such kind of eyeglasses, you could go to the online stores like amazon or ebay to have a look. The price there should be suitable and the variety there is many. You could go and have a search.
  • Zachary garcia


    I just search him at google and see his images. He wear eyeglasses. The eyeglasses he worn is something like cat eye style. Besides, the eyeglasses have black upper frame with transparent frame around the bottom part of the lenses. It look great on him. If you want to get that eyeglasses, you can try to search cat eye glasses. Maybe you can find it. Good luck.


    All right, I think you are one of his fans right? It is true bow wow is one of the most amazing potential stars in America, and you could rarely see him wear glasses from time to time because his vision is great. However sometimes he would try to wear sunglasses in order to stay cool and attractive. And those sunglasses are nerd glasses or wayfarer sunglasses, which are popular and available at Amazon or other shopping sites.

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