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Can i hold my baby if i have pink eye?

It is very unlucky of me that I got pink eye after days of my giving birth to my baby. But can I still hold my baby? I love her but I definitely not want to infect her.
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  • Melanie


    Well, first up, congratulations. Secondly, I strongly recommend that you leave your baby to your husband or parents for it is very dangerous that you stay close to your baby with pink eyes. And you should know you must be very careful not to contact people close. What you need is care and immediate medical treatment. Just take positive treatment and you'll be with your baby within a week or so. Good luck.
  • hands_down360


    No, you can't. I feel sorry that you can't hold your baby just after several days you gave birth to her, but you need to prefect her against bacteria and illness, so don't do that. Pink eyes or conjunctivitis can be contagious. If you hold her, she is very likely to develop pink eyes. Newborns are very vulnerable to all kinds of bacteria and viruses. For the sake of her health, you need to stay away from her until your eyes get well.
  • handwithlighter


    It is very unlucky for you to get pink eyes after your giving birth to your baby. You should not hold the baby by yourself because the pink eyes are contagious and the baby's immune system is low. You need to treat the pink eyes carefully with eye drops or warm compress method and take care of the baby after you get the recovery.