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Cathy Dailey


How to make your eyes look less tired without makeup?

I work for a long time every day, and that is why I usually have to wear makeup to cover my tired eyes. But recently I have heard that there are some toxic substances in the cosmetics. Oh, lord, does anyone know how to make eyes less tire without wearing makeup?
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  • eeniemeenie005


    Given the case that you have to work for a long time each day, therfore, you had better pay attention to the daily job of eye care and eye hygiene. First of all, since you have to work in the day, therefore, it is better for you to develop a regular and healthy habit of sleep and rise, in case that your eyes can not get adequate rest during the night, either. Do not stay up too late at night because staying up is a fatal factor responsible for the aging of eyes. Secondly, if you feel your eyes being dry or fatigue or blurry when you are working, you had better stop the work and give your eyes a break. You can as well try some eyes drops to remove or reduce the dry or fatigue conditions. In addition, you can also choose eye creams to spread on the skin under the eyes and massage for a minute, two or three times a day, which can help your eyes and skins take in more nutritions and water. Besides, a good diet will also be good for your eyes. Add vegetables, fruits, as well as dairy products, eggs, cod-liver oil into your daily foods. And remember that the sun block is also very essential for your eyes.
  • walkercub76


    If you want to use something to make your eyes look less tired without wearing makeup, you should protect the eyes themselves. You should have the good rest for the eyes. If you have to work for a long time every day, you could use the eye drops with anti-inflammation to moisture the eyes. At the same time, the warm compress is also effective.
  • Werner


    Here are my suggestions for you: 1.You can cool compress your eyes with chilled spoon or ice bags every day for a couple of minutes. 2. Apply sliced cucumber or photo to your eyes for a while. 3. Sleep earilier. Daily sleep of eight hours at night is necessary for the whole body including your eyes. 3. Sleep on more than one pillows so that muscles won't have to work to levate your head and you will have better rest. 4. Drink sufficient water so that you can have better circulation and the waste can be exhausted from you and your eyes.

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