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Erin rupert


How to fight if you wear glasses?

I am nearsighted and always wear eyeglasses. But i am gonna to have a fight. Any suggestion?
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  • Christian george


    Aha! I guess you are a boy who is likely to get fight with your fellows. The best way of fight for a person who wearing glasses is no fight! Why do not you use your mouth and brain to communicate with your friends even enemies? This is not a world that full of angry and heat! This is a civilized world, right? To wear your glasses to fight will easy to make your eyes hurt as well as your glasses. If you really need to solve the problems with force, you can wear a resin glasses lenses or change the frame glasses into the contact lenses. Take care of yourself, god bless you! Amen!
  • walkingwolf2004


    You are really a question boy. Why you have to go a fight? It is really dangerous. Besides, fighting won't solve problem. I suggest you to have a communication to the people who you gonna to fight. If you really need fight, you's better wear prescription goggles for shielding eyes and vision aids. And also, helmet and handguard shall also be prepared. Hope this can help you.
  • Caspar


    The pieces of glasses are easy to hurt your eyes and make eye infection. During fighting, pay attention to protect face. If your opponent attack your face or eyes, you may easily get black eyes. Black eyes are most often because of face or eye injury, which is really hurt and make your appearance very horrible. What's worse, black eyes can cause eye infection easily. That is, irritation, redness and pain will occur soon. The ideal and safe way to protect your eyes when fight is wear contact lenses. This kind of contact lenses can reduce the risk of hurt by pieces of glasses and increase attention to your opponent.