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Can a corneal abrasion heal on its own?

I was diagnosed with corneal abrasion. Need i take some medicine? Or can a corneal abrasion heal on its own?
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  • Danielle lewis


    Well, you should know that abrasion may disappear by itself. But on the other hand, you also need know that it is kind of serious situation and it can be awful to have eye abrasion. And also, there are some ways you can take to help the healing. For example, you need to wear the eye patch. If you wear an eye patch, it will insure a speedy recovery for your eyes. And remember that some abrasion can include infections, and it will also need oral and topical antibiotics. So just pay more attention to it, or it can lead to some serious eye diseases, such as the pink eyes. So just pay more attention to your eyes.
  • walker_


    The corneal abrasion is the scratch on the eye surface. After you get the medicine, your corneal abrasion will get recovery sooner. The corneal abrasion will be healed on its own because of the organic mechanism of the body. However, you should take notice of the habit of life these days. You should not eat the spicy food, smoke and drink.
  • crazy_durr


    It depends. If it is a small abrasion, it would heal within hours. For a large abrasion, it may take one to two days. However, if you start to develop pain, discharge or difficulty opening your eyes, you should use an antibiotic eye drops to prevent infection. You should go visit your ophthalmologist to decrese the damage of infection.

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