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How much are prescription sunglasses at costco?

IS there anyone who has bought prescription sunglasses at costco? Can you tell me how much they charge for a par of common prescription sunglasses?
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  • Danai P.


    Yes, of course, a lot of people around me have experience in buying sunglasses at Costco, which is a good place full of various types of eyewear products, including prescription sunglasses. So, as you can see, prescription sunglasses could not only help us see things clearly, but also be able to protect our eyes from harmful lights. So, generally speaking, a pair of prescription sunglasses could be about 200 dollars or so at Costco.
  • elliekate825


    I just got some prescription eyeglasses made from Costco. My prescription is REALLY high and most places were saying that lenses alone would cost me over $300. Costco charged me $150 for lenses with UV protection, anti-glare, anti-scratch, polycarbonate ect. index 1.67 (all the stuff that goes with lenses - not too sure on the exact wording). BUT, you also need to get a frame from them. Their frames range from around $40 to upwards of $300. My total came to just under $300 and I got some frames from Armani. I think that's an excellent deal considering my lenses were costing me $300-$400 where ever else I asked. If you're in the market for some eyeglasses, I would check out your local Costco. I got my glasses in 7 days. They came in a nice fancy case as well
  • elliekate825


    The common pair of prescription sunglasses at costco is about $ 85. It is a little higher than that in the walmart. If you want to buy one, you could go to many online stores to make the comparison among many types of sunglasses and then choose the suitable type.
  • cajunbel29


    It is hard to say the price of prescription sunglasses at costco, because different type of glasses has different materials, designs. If you want to have the one with common quality, you may spend at least $70. Actually, you can wait for its discount activity which may let you save a lot of money.

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