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How much are prescription sunglasses at lenscrafters?

Have you bought a pair of prescription sunglasses at lenscrafters? How much do they charge for prescription sunglasses?
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  • chocolateeeee


    Yes, I have, once upon a time in America I went to Lenscrafter for a pair of prescription sunglasses. So, from my point of view, their prescription sunglasses are pretty fine on the whole. But you have to choose carefully lest some bad products should be chosen. And generally speaking, a pair of prescription sunglasses at Lenscrafters, if not famous brands, could cost you about 100 dollars or a little bit more.
  • Ethan edward


    One of my friends has bought the sunglasses there for $ 230. However, the good prescription sunglasses with high quality and cool appearance will be about $ 400. And the common types will just cost you about $180. Thus, the price is just depended on your choice and needs. If your economic condition is allowed, you could choose the good one.
  • ellochkablecy


    Yes, I have bought a pair of prescription sunglasses at lenscrafters. The price is different, because of the different materials,different styles and different lense. actually. The price of lenses of prescription glasses is higher than that of common glasses. If you want to buy prescription sunglasses in LensCrafters, you should prepare at least $150.

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