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Brittany green


Why do i get headaches after laser eye surgery?

I get headache right now. I did nothing but just took a laser eye surgery. So, can laser eye surgery cause headaches?
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  • aaron


    Well, in some degree, it is normal to have headache after you have taken lasik eye surgery. First, you should know that lasik eye surgery can make your eyes weaker than normal. So when you overuse your eyes, it will lead to eye strain. And then it will just affect your head, leading to headache. So you need to pay more attention to your eyes, or it will make your situation more serious. For example, you should not let dirty things and water get into your eyes. Also, eye infection should be avoided. Do not overuse your eyes by watching too much tv and computer, and just have a relaxing time.
  • Derek T.


    Yes, there are many side effects after the laser eye surgery, including headaches. It is the brain that controls the eyes nerves. The headache will be caused by the not good eye nerves. You should protect the eyes carefully after the laser eye surgery. You should have the good rest for the eyes and then get the basic recovery after several days.
  • ELLIOTT Wallace


    Laser eye surgery is a refractive surgery to correct vision errors, such as myopia, hyperopia or astigmatism, by reshaping the cornea. It is very common and popular eye surgery for its good functions, short-term recovery period, high success rate and low infections. Eyes are delicate so the incisions in eyes might probably leave the patients with some side effects. People might have blurry vision, eye halos or starbursts and eye dryness. But these symptoms are usually temporary and will go off as you healed. Headache is not a direct side effect from laser surgery. However, there are some possibilities of complication from this operation, for example flipped flap, cataracts, glaucoma, and retinal detachment and so on. Some of these eye conditions tend to be triggers of headaches. It is hard to tell whether your headache is from laser surgery complication or some other reasons. Eye strain, trauma in head, a cold or flu and so on can always causes headache too. To find out the underlying root, you still have to visit your surgeon and ophthalmologist, because these conditions can be serious and lead to vision loss.
  • Andrea lester


    It is likely that you will have some dry eye symptoms. However, headache is not a common symptom after lasik surgery. They can happen in those that are already given to headaches due to the adjustments the brain is making to your new eyes and the dryness that is a normal part of the healing process. If the headaches last longer than a couple of weeks, then it could be that you are slightly far sighted which would make your eye work harder to see. An eye exam would give your eye doctor a chance to determine if you are far sighted and if an enhancement would be helpful.
  • Huma


    I have done femto lasik,i have acne problem for that i started isotretinoin treatment,now i have continues headache and having presure in my eye too,is it normal should i continue isotretinoin or not??

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