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Does anyone know good home remedy for sticky eyes?

I got sticky eyes. Can you tell me how to treat it? Any good home remedy?
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  • clive


    If you have sticky eyes, you may get the infection in the eyes. There are many home remedies for you to do to protect the eyes. You could use the warm compress by finding the hot water and clean cloth which will make your sticky eyes feel better. You could also use the eyes drops to make your sticky eyes feel moisture and comfortable.
  • Diane Bradstock


    Home remedies for sticky eyes are various and common. First, you can apply a warm and clean washcloth when you suffer glued shut. You'd better put your old and poor quality cosmetics far away, or further infection may occur. As we all known, sticky eyes because of bacteria and virtues are killed in eyes during our sleeping. So another great way to remove oil from your eyelids is wash them with a baby shampoo or other mild detergent. is a great site that can allow you get much better known sticky eyes. Good luck.

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