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James green


Does lemon juice really lighten eyes?

I heard that drinking lemon juice is good for eyes. Is that true? Does lemon juice really lighten eyes?
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  • Jordyn adams


    Ok, lemon juice is quite good in terms of improving our health. Lemon juice contains a lot of vitamins, as well as lots of minerals , which are benenficial to our health,making our skin lighter, because of its antioxidant function, and improving our vision and eye health because of its vitamins. Anyway, drink it regularly and your eyes would be healthy,. Also, you have to pay attention to other nutritious food and your rest and living habits.
  • Kevin lee


    Yes, drinking lemon juice will be good for your eyes which will light your eyes because of the vitamin C it contains. As we know, the vitamin C will make the eyes moisture and let your eyes look bright. That is why lemon juice is good for your eyes. You could just drink it to make your eyes look bright. You could also eat other food to bright your eyes.
  • claudiagonza82


    Maybe you can use Lemon juice to lighten the skin around your eyes. As far as i know, the Lemon juice can used to lighten our skin. If you mixed it with bananas, it will be more effective to lighten the skin. Anyway, you can try out yourself. And also, you can search some way to use lemon juice whiten your skin around the eyes.