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How do you get an eye sty?

What is a stye? How does it happen? Any ideas?
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  • Armand


    In my view, a stye is mainly caused by the bacteria that gets into your eyes. And it usually locates inside your eyelid. It usually brings pain and itchy to you if I am not guessing wrongly. A sty can happen very often, what you also need to do is to prevent then from happening again. I have some simple tips for you. Give yourself a cold or a warm compress when you are free, and the results will be better if you use baby shampoo and clean cotton. Don' t push your eyes, just a soft compress will be okay.
  • consilium_capit


    A eye sty is an infection of the eyelids. They appear red, bump, puffy on the eyelids. Also, patient will feel pain on the eyelids. Usually, the eye stye are resulted from a localized infection. If you suffer from eye sty in case, you can apply warm compress to your eyelid. The warm compress on the eyelid can encourages the stye to release any pus. Also, you shall keep area around the eyes clean. It can help you improve your eye stye quickly. If your eye stye are too serious, just consult a doctor for the sake of your health.

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