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Can I exercise with a detached retina?

Is it Ok for to do some exercises with a detached retina? It sounds crazy. But I just want to know.
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  • gary


    its been 1 year since my retina detatched had 7 surgeries not looking good left eye is ok can I work out at gym


    It’s really crazy for you to have exercise with a detached retina, it will makes your eyes worse. And after the surgery, there are many aspects to take care, such as do not eat spicy food, move your head in slow motion, get a lot of rest, do not use your eyes frequently, avoid heavy lifting, avoid strenuous activity, such as running.


    It seems that you have got retinal detachment, so sorry to hear that. Well, generally speaking, people with this problem are not allowed to do strong physical exercise. Maybe you can have a walk or do exercise but you should avoid running or playing ball games. My advice for you is to follow the doctor's directions and do not do anything stupid. Hope you have fun and nice exercise.
  • walkingjaded


    Of course you should not do the exercise with a detached retina. The eye vision is so weak that you should not use the eyes any more in strength. You should take the detached retina surgery as soon as possible to prove that your eye vision can be recovered. After the surgery, you should have a good rest for the eyes, not using them too many times.

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